Model Management

Cameo Model Mgt Working With Top Acting And Modeling Professionals

Cameo Model Management is one of the most experienced model management firms in Alabama and is a member of the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA).  With Cameo Model Management, working with top acting andmodeling professionals and elite fashion photographers is the norm.  Joan Hawkins is well known in the IMTA circuit and will help you secure acting and modeling jobs.


James Buchanan

New York/Memphis Photographer and Director, also takes photos and arranges for Memphis Agents to meet our clients.

Alva Page and Drew Felton

from New York do Runway Workshops and Charity Fashion shows with us.

Clair Sinnett, Aaron Marcus, and James Buchanan

Acting coaches who develop camera techniques and poise with On-Camera Workshops.

Joan Hawkins

The Cameo Director also gives free acting/modeling classes several nights a month in the Birmingham area and other locations. Contact her for reservations and scheduling. For trips to New York, she maintains apartments for the annual trips to meet Agents one-on-one.

Shilah Edmonds

Famous international model, has worked in Munich and Milan, and has been featured on magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Elle. Now Shilah is working in New York and Los Angeles in print and other media, as well. Her expertise in Runway Modeling and other aspects can help Cameo’s upcoming models.

Dorothy Shi

Renowned New York Photographer, does Photo Shoots for Cameo once or twice a year. Dorothy shoots for the national firms such as The Gap, Laura Ashley, and the Dove National Ad Campaigns.

Beth Boldt

Top New York Photographer, discovered movie star Ashton Kutchor and top model Naomi Campbell. Beth works with our clients several times a year to give them the look and edge to compete.

Kelly Marie

The original Campbell Soup girl from NY operates her agency in Atlanta.